About Us



    We're two sisters who have always had an eye for Indian fashion. Living in India for about 7 years and constantly being around our mom who had a talent for unique fashion helped us enhance our wardrobe. It has been years that our closest family and friends have been inspiring us to open up a boutique and share our ideas with the world. There was never a right time to start, and this year was when we decided to take a leap of faith and open up our online boutique for one of our favorite fashion items: shoes.

    We both have always believed that a perfect pair of shoes can make an outfit. We often get the question, "Where are your shoes from?" Well now were able to share our love for shoes with everyone else.

We took the best designs and genuinely sourced leather to make what we believe to be an essential pair of shoes that belong in your wardrobe. 

With all the support from our friends and family we were able to put our plans to fruition.